Nowadays securing your surroundings like hospitals, malls, ATM and other public places are vital, because of fear of burglary, theft and the most the most important and recent threat is terrorism. From last couple of years, cases of terrorist attacks on public places like Governments Buildings, Banks, Hospitals and other places have increased many fold, so the need for a high tech surveillance system that can provide round O'clock surveillance has increased, and CCTV can provide such type of surveillance mechanism. It can be very helpful if a building or campus administration is willing to watch each and every activity around their premises 27 x 7. It can even help the security personnel deplo[censored] in the security of the premises. It is more effective than the traditional way of securing a building in which security personnel were deplo[censored] on all entry and exit point of the site, if you are securing a place through high tech CCTV surveillance system, you have to just sit on a central security room and watch

all activities that is happening. If an organization is using CCTV for surveillance of its site, it don't have to bother about the security guards found sleeping during duty ours endangering the security of your site, your site will be free from any such human related security fault.

In each and every part of the world, use of CCTV has increased from last couple of years. Initially these high tech equipments were used normally by Government and big corporate companies in order to secure their premises, but from last couple of years it's use in community and home security role has also increased many fold.

Now CCTV can be used in many security monitoring roles. It secure our valuable property, It can be used to watch a remote locality for any type of intrusion. It is being used by the police to detect crimes. Due to widespread use of technology you can use CCTV cameras with Internet to watch any property from any part of the world. If you are using an IP CCTV camera you can directory connect it to any existing network either wired or wireless and watch all the activities happening on any part of the world through any system connected to the Internet but it need a good bandwidth to watch the video. Surveillance through CCTV is not only secure than the traditional way of security but it is also more reliable and in long term cheaper than the traditional way of securing a site.

These days, we also use CCTV in traffic management in many parts of the world. It also helps in detecting over speeding vehicles and other traffic related violations. No other surveillance system can beat trustworthiness of the CCTV surveillance system when it comes to securing your site round o'clock. If anyone tries to break the security of your site you can easily identify the culprit and can secure a place for him in jail. Due to widespread use of CCTV in securing malls, ATM and other places of public interest, cases of vandalism and burglary and other type of crimes have decreased. Use of CCTV can also help in reducing terrorism and vandalism as fear of getting caught may discourage anti social element from such harmful and destructive activities.

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